Do I need to register to view the images?

No – just go ahead and search.

Searching for Images

There are two ways to find the image you’re looking for, they are keyword searching and category searching.

Searching by Keywords:

Enter your keyword(s) in the blank field at the top of the page and click ‘Search’. This can be a name, title, or subject. (For example ‘Elizabeth Taylor’, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, ‘hospital’. Other typical subject searches might be ‘jewellery’, ‘blonde’, ‘guitar’ etc.). The wording is not case sensitive.

Searching by Categories:

Every image in our collection is categorized under relevant headings, you can browse images by selecting the category heading from the Browse our Categories section. Within a category you can narrow your search by selecting a sub-category. Make a choice from this and use the Next button to take you through a predefined selection. (For example if you need to illustrate a feature on holidays choose the Themes heading, then Leisure).

How do I search your extra images on Alamy?

There are three ways to do this:

  • 1. When you have reviewed your search results on our website tick the “Search on Alamy” box at the top. When the results show enter the search term again and if necessary select Next to move to more pages.
  • 2. From our home page enter the search words and tick the Alamy box immediately below.
  • 3. Or click this link, then enter the search words.

Can I download directly from Alamy?

Yes, if you establish an account with Alamy.

What are the extra images on Alamy?

A wide range of subjects especially historical which are not always included on our website.

Image Dimensions & Resolutions

Images appear on screen at 72 dpi with a watermark. High-resolution images are supplied scanned at 300 dpi to approximately A4. A very small number of our images are supplied at approximately A5.

Can I download a high res direct from the site?

No. We will supply the file when pricing and payment has been agreed.

Ordering Images

To order images from our site, please contact us quoting the reference number of the image.

Why are no prices shown?

We aim to give you a competitive quote based on your exact needs.

Terms & Conditions

Please view our Terms & Conditions page.